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For the past month and a half, I’ve been contributing to the Blown Covers blog curated by New Yorker art editor Francoise Mouly and her daughter, TOON Books editor Nadja Spiegelman. Through the blog, they run a weekly New Yorker cover contest with a different topic announced on Mondays. Every Friday, they feature the winning entries on the blog, along with a slideshow gallery of all the contributions.

This is the fourth time I’ve had the honor of making it into the Runners Up list, which is usually comprised of 12 entries. This has been my highest position yet, coming in at a not-too-shabby #2 (!!!). This past week’s topic was Back to School, and this is the runner-up entry in question:

It’s been highly enjoyable to contribute to Blown Covers every week, and I’m thrilled to have made Runner Up#2 with an admittedly atypical entry for me, in terms of approach. It’s been my personal philosophy since my art school days that the idea dictates the approach and the medium, and while I usually work with more conventional mediums like watercolor and colored inks (I love getting my hands dirty with the tactile qualities of paint), I thought this particular idea called for a more graphic approach — less rendered and more immediate. The computer seemed ideal for that — and so the drawing was done by hand with brush, ink, and a graphite pencil, and then scanned and colored in Photoshop. I also scanned in a cheap school notebook, and took a fragment of the marbled black & white texture for the New Yorker‘s ever-present left-hand strand.

I also contributed another entry which didn’t make it to the winners list, but which I’m still proud of, regardless:

New Yorker school

Which young student hasn’t ever dreamed of escaping the tediousness of the classroom (or the mind-numbing algebra lesson)? I used watercolors, colored inks, colored pencils, graphite, and collaged math paper for this image (yes, the pact with those devils from the software company is decidedly off).

You can see the other winning entries (which are truly fantastic) in this past Friday’s Blown covers blog post, and my other Blown Covers contributions in my Color Images section.

Thanks so much to Francoise and Nadja for letting all of us play with their toys week after week, and for featuring my work in such stellar company!

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